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   10 Things About Josi Miller 

  1. Some of my favorite memories growing up were making pancakes on Saturdays with my Dad, baking chocolate chip cookies with my Mom, and spending time with our newfoundlands in the creeks. 

  2. My siblings and I attended a Spanish immersion school when we were little. 

  3. I interned at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and fell in love with cultural festivals.

  4. I studied abroad in Cochabamba, Bolivia and discovered my favorite fruit in the southern hemisphere is la chirimoya and that one day I’d like to have an avocado tree as big as my host mom's. 

  5. I eat ice cream nearly every day and have no regrets (top picks are mint chocolate chip, ferrero rocher, and hazelnut). 

  6. I enjoy making pottery because it centers me and I’ve made some really great friends over the years. I look forward to every Christmas break when we all meet up for Korean lunch. 

  7. There’s nothing more relaxing and euphoric than floating in the Mediterranean Sea while the sun beams off your skin. I can’t wait to go back to la Costa Brava and visit my host family and eat lots and lots of their famous gamba (giant shrimp). 

  8. I love to write and receive handwritten letters. 

  9. Every week I try to go on a long walk, play tennis, and participate in HIIT classes. 

  10. One of my goals this year is to make at least one new recipe each month and host more dinner parties with a great collab playlist.

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